Ours services

Naval Radio specializes in:

Installation, integration, retrofit, repair, maintenance, instrumentation, survey, performance test, inspection and certification of marine systems.

Electronic, electrical and computer consultancy.

Software and system development.

Airtime, telephony and data access at high sea.

Among our services:

Radar maintenance.

GMDSS equipment maintenance.

Gyrocompass overhaul.

Auto pilot maintenance.

Course recorder and rudder angle maintenance.

Echo sounder maintenance.

Speed Log maintenance.

Rudder angle indicator and transmitter.

Magnetic compass adjustment. Deviation card and certificate included.

Off course alarm system, retransmitter for repeaters.

Safety Radio Survey.

VDR & SVDR Survey (brands JRC & Netwave, Highlander, Danelec, Consilium, Headway, Kelvin Hughes, TotemPlus, Interschalt, L-3 Communications and Samsung).

Certification of GMDSS equipment, Shore Based Maintenance Certificate .

Installation layouts.

Testing and certification of EPIRB (brands Sailor, Saracom, Jotron y JRC).

Inspection and certification of SART.

Inspection and certification of AIS.

Inspection and certification of SSAS.

Commissioning of INMARSAT.

Decommissioning of INMARSAT.

Reprogramming of GMDSS equipment.

Installation, maintenance and repair of maritime simulation systems.